Thursday, June 30, 2011

mommyhood: lessons learned

Lesson 1:  You are the only person who cares if your dishes are washed, the laundry is done, and if there are toys all over the floor.  Leave it for later, and have another tickle fight with your kiddo instead.

Lesson 2:  Never say 'never.'  Before my daughter was born I said we would never let her sleep in our bed.  Also avoid using the words 'never' and 'tv,' 'junk food,' and 'pacifier' in the same sentence.

Lesson 3:  Don't judge the other mommies.  We are all trying to do our best for our children.

Lesson 4:  Let your husband (or mom, or friends) help you when they offer.  In fact, take the help and then RUN, not walk, to your nearest coffee house for a well-deserved break.  YOU CANNOT DO IT ALL BY YOURSELF.

Lesson 5:  IT'S ONLY A PHASE.  Yes, you will
a) sleep again
b) be able to use the bathroom or shower without a little person watching you
c) wear underwire bras again
d) eat food with both hands, before it gets cold, and have a proper convo with your hubby while doing so

Lesson 6:  Your child is ALWAYS watching you and learning from you.  Be careful about what you say, and how you say it.

Lesson 7:  Make time to play pony castle for the third time that day, and pull out the paints even though you REALLY don't want to.  Soon they will be coming home from school, going in their rooms, and closing the door.

Lesson 8:  Make the effort to put on a bit of make-up, do your hair, and put on a cute top.  It WILL make you feel better, even if you only got 3 hours sleep.

Lesson 9:  Learn to buy and make REALLY good coffee (or get on a first-name basis with your local Starbucks barista)

Lesson 10:  Enjoy every moment (and find the humor in them, even when you don't feel like laughing) because they go by way too fast...

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