Wednesday, August 17, 2011

post baby dressing - AKA $#@^$!

Baby B is now almost 3 weeks old.  I can't believe how quickly time is flying, and how seamlessly he fit into our little world here.  Having your second child is easier in so many ways - you have confidence in what you're doing (hey, my first is still alive and breathing so I must have done something right!) and you have most of the gear and things you need already (but hubby draws the line at our son wearing hand-me-down pink clothes). 

My labour and delivery with little B was a bit of a crazy experience, and definitely different from my daughter's birth 3 years ago.  She came naturally on her due date.  With your first, you don't know what to expect when you give birth - I went in with an open mind, no birth plan, and a hope that I could deliver naturally.  All went well.  10 hours of labour and LOTS of laughing gas later, she was born.  My little man was overstaying his welcome, and my doctor decided to induce me at 1 week overdue.  We checked into the hospital at 8:30am and he was born at 12:34pm - a quick 4 hours later.  I had my water broken and was given oxytocin.  All the action happened in the last 30 minutes.  I went from 3cm to birth in less than an hour.  I pushed about 6 times (as opposed to over an hour with my daughter).  It was INTENSE.  Recovery has been a bit harder for me this time, but nursing has been super easy and my little chubbers is gaining weight like a champ.

One of the cruelest things I found in the whole birthing experience is that when you check into the hospital labour and delivery ward, the FIRST thing they make you do is step on the scale.  Great, thanks.  I gained 50 pounds with both my pregnancies.  With them being 2.5 years apart, I had time to lose all the baby weight from the first.  It was a slow and steady process with my daughter, but I eventually lost the weight.  Breastfeeding helped A LOT.  Burning 500 calories a day sitting in my rocking chair lovingly gazing at my kids works for me!

At 2.5 weeks post-partum, I have lost 25 pounds already - that's half of what I gained.  (Happy dance)  Problem is - I am too small for my maternity clothes (and want to burn a bunch of them anyways, I am so SICK of them), but too big for my regular clothes.  What's a girl to do?  I survived the end of my pregnancy wearing hubby's Ts and boxer shorts, and a couple pairs of comfy yoga sweats I got from Costco after Lexi was born.  I'm SO not ready for spandex yet (sorry Lulu's, you'll have to wait).  Here's what I wearing in the mean time:

- nursing tanks - I have a couple Bravado tanks from last time around, and these are great for feeding on the go.  I think I can speak for most new mom's when I say that I'd WAY rather the general public see my boobs than my post-baby belly

- before and after mat pants - I have a couple pairs of 'before and after' pants that I wore when I was around 3-4 months pregnant that I've pulled out of the closet for now.  They are an 'under the belly' style (no big belly panel) and tend to have (sigh) an elastic waistband in the back.  Hey, don't judge, it's survival for now!

- yoga style skirts - I had 2 maternity skirts in the SOFTEST material that I wore a lot in the last month of pregnancy (and have been loaned out to 2 friends who adore them).  I'm happy to say they are TOO BIG now.  I have a similar, non-mat, style that I got an Superstore (Joe Fresh line) after Lexi was born that I'm loving right now

- spanx - yup, don't laugh

I'm glad there will be a couple more months of (hopefully) nice weather so I can get out and walk with the kids.  I've so missed being active.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011